Building A Smart City.
The Clean Way.

TXF Technologies is a firm believer that a Smart City can be build in a clean way. We share the same opinion with the world, we should take sustainability seriously. As such, TXF Technologies and our partners aim to leverage on our vast network globally to search for advanced technologies that can be used to tackle real-world problems and at the same time, moving towards a zero-waste goal.





RUI BOX is an AI based rubbish bin capable of identifying and classifying recyclable rubbish from those that are not. This is highly customizable product to suit different customer needs across all industries.


More Products coming soon!


Our Partners

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Transfong Ventures is a long time partner since the beginning, providing us with leads and their expertise in both Singapore and China market.

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Alpheus is an innovative company working together with us. We are in collaboration for the development and sales of products together.